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Next Session: March 20th - May 10th

A live stream of our in person classes. Subscribers will receive all materials being discussed in our classes and will be required to watch and learn from the sessions while performing the exercises from the sessions in their own time.
They will receive specified instruction for those performing exercises in their own time.

Single Program Subscription

Watch & Learn

Acting Fundamentals Subscription

Mondays 6-8 PM EST


 Acting Fundamentals is an exercise-based class that will focus on solidifying the foundation and 

framework of the vessel itself so students can be prepared for any character, emotion or scenario

they’re challenged to breathe life into.

This class is suggested for students of all levels.

Watch & Learn

Audition Technique Subscription

Tuesdays 6-8 PM EST


This class focuses on the Art of Auditioning in its entirety. Students will learn both the Technical and 

Performance aspects of auditioning, while building the skills and knowledge to be fully prepared for
all auditions. Students should expect to be assigned both scenes with preparation time included as
well as cold reads.


Audition Technique is perfect for Intermediate and Advanced students.
Please do
 not apply if you have no prior training.

Watch & Learn

Scene Study Subscription

Wednesdays 6-8 PM EST 


This class focuses on the student’s ability to discern a scene, make appropriate choices and breathe 

life into their characters.

Students are also taught how to follow direction and tweak their performances based on the various
needs, preferences and instructions from Filmmakers.

Scene Study is perfect for all levels.

Multi-Program Subscription

Zoom Training

Watch & Learn

3-Program Subscription

Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays

6-8 PEST

$100/4 mths


The Watch & Learn 3-Program Subscription

includes all 3 single class programs:

Audition Technique, Fundamentals of Acting and Scene Study for the full span of 4 months which equates to 2 back to back 8-week programs.

Training Actor

Zoom Program

Two 2-hour classes per month

$100/ month, $300/ 4 months


Students will receive Acting training via Zoom from our Coaches. This program will consist of a perfectly blended class that incorporates teachings from our Acting Fundamentals and Scene Study classes.

Start the rest of your life today!

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