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Watch & Learn Subscription

Zoom Group Training

Watch & Learn


Tuesdays & Thursdays

6-8 PEST

$150/4 months


A live stream of our in-person classes. Subscribers will receive all materials being discussed in our classes and will be required to watch and learn from the sessions while performing the exercises from the sessions in their own time.They will receive specific instruction for those performing exercises in their own time.

Training Actor

Zoom Program


6:30-8:30 PM EST

$175/month for 4 months


Students will receive Acting training via Zoom from our Coaches.

This comprehensive program is a one-stop shop for all of an aspiring Actor’s needs. You will be trained to unlock your mind, body and soul so you can creatively pour your essence into lifeless vessels, characters, and bring them to life. This program focuses on the imaginary Environment,

Sense Memory, Personalization,

Scene Analysis, Character Development

and Scene Study.

This program is tailored to take actor’s by the hand and give them the tools they need to start their career as a working actor!

Start the rest of your life today!

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