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 "Many of the schools that people attend cater to egos and emotions; they produce more dreamers than Actors. I wanted to do something real, something raw, something that empowered Actors to go out and get what they really wanted... a career."

Marc John Jefferies  - Founder 


MSDA was originally founded by Marc John Jefferies with the intention of giving aspiring, young actors accessibility to affordable Acting programs. Marc John’s sole desire was to not only give them the opportunity to master their craft, but also become working, successful Actors. 


As a means of maintaining affordability for students, Marc John began hosting his classes at Ripley Grier Studios. Over the years as the school grew, so did Marc John’s vision. From Marc John Jefferies Acting Academy came the Modern School of Dramatic Arts after he partnered with a Producer and friend.


While there are plans in the works for spacial expansion, MSDA is focused on up-keeping its integrity and producing a quality of training that is unmatched. Pursuing your Passion and breathing life into your Purpose shouldn’t come at the expense of the demise of your spark and your soul as you overwork yourself in order to afford it.


MSDA is a school that fosters and nurtures talent while creating a safe space to explore the depths of your inner workings. Through this guidance, students often experience multiple self-realizations that allow them to hone in on their craft and expand as an Actor. This, coupled with the growth of confidence students experience, transforms our Actors into Working Actors. 

Getting to know MSDA 

"We believe your desire is a message to the world of who you can be; your work ethic is a message of who you will be."

Our Mission

Our Mission

At MSDA we dare to empower dreamers to understand that their dreams are actually plans that are meant to be realized.


Our Vision

To create a strong, challenging and safe space for actors to grow, equipping them with the tools to step outside of their comfort zone as that is where their destiny lies.

Our Goal

To nurture our students' talent before coupling it with the extensive training of MSDA, creating working, fulfilled actors.

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